4×4 Specialist Repairs, Perthshire.

BVS is equipped to carry out a range of general repair work on 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles. Some of our most common jobs include:

Timing Belt Replacement

A snapped timing belt (otherwise known as a cambelt) can require engine head dismantling and valve replacement to resolve, with labour and materials often costing hundreds of pounds.

Cambelts are typically made from rubber and it is widely recommended that they are replaced every 3 years or 60,000 miles to avoid the belt breaking and causing serious engine damage. Replacement of a timing belt is usually vastly cheaper than repairs caused by a cambelt failure, and takes far less time to complete.

BVS 4×4 regularly replace worn timing belts for our customers. It’s a quick and inexpensive procedure that can save you hundreds of pounds in future repair bills.